Lakes lie on land and are not part of an ocean. Usually lakes can be found in mountainous areas, rift zones, and areas with ongoing glaciation.

Bear Lake Trail

This is a popular trail, which is beautiful any time of year, although busiest in the summer. The aspens turn in late September/early October. Time…

Lugu Lake

Late March or early April : Chinese people head home for an important festival to honour their ancestors. This is the best time to visit as the…

Galatea Lakes

Accessible up to Lilian Lake all year. Hiking to Upper Galatea July to September

Elbow Lake Trail

July to September

Moraine Lake to Consolation Lakes - Banff

Hiking to the Consolation Lakes in Banff can be done (and recommended) from May to September or even October.

Sword Lake

Sword Lake is a popular destination for hikers as well as backpackers because it's an easy trip and only a 2.5 miles hike from the County Line…

Hidden Lakes Historic Trout Farm

Sunset and mid-to-late afternoon because of the many views that highlight the lower sun positions.

Kenosha Lakefront

Summer & Winter. Summer if you are looking for slow and peaceful beach days, winter for dramatic views and virtually no one else around to…