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Historic Site

When should you visit a historic site? Historic sites are locations where pieces of political, cultural, or social history have been preserved. Often due to their cultural value. Historic sites can be temples, whole cities, pyramids, castles, churches or any other kind of buildings.

Great self-guided rock-art trail and an excellent year-round destination. Read on for our tips regarding seasons, weather, and tourist crowds:

Seasons and Weather

Beautiful in spring, especially because of the wildflowers in August/September. However, rain is possible until the end of August. October is not too hot. The summer from November to March is warm and dry but hot at midday. Hiking in summer is best in the morning. Autumn from April to mid-May is still warm and pleasant for hiking. Most rainfall occurs in winter until August. However, winter can be dry and sunny too. Nights are quite chilly.

Tourist Crowds

It's usually not crowded due to its remote location. However, it gets busier on weekends and especially school holidays.

ZA South Africa

Autumn, fewer visitors, perfect weather to visit such a towering structure of the past. Clouds or rain will only add to the drama.

US United States

While open year-round, there is heavy visitation in the summer months. Visiting in the spring or fall are recommended.

US United States

Open year-round except for holidays, most of the exhibits are inside. However, there is an interesting medicinal garden on the grounds. The museum is open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10 am - 4 pm

US United States

Open one Saturday per month, spring through fall, between 1 pm - 4 pm. Check their website for exact dates. Last docent-led tour begins at 3:30 PM

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August - November, mid-day to dusk, there will be fewer bugs and the colors of the Industrial Ruins, bricks and concrete are more saturated and easier to photograph and see details of their age.

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