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Historic Site

When should you visit a historic site? Historic sites are locations where pieces of political, cultural, or social history have been preserved. Often due to their cultural value. Historic sites can be temples, whole cities, pyramids, castles, churches or any other kind of buildings.

Expect heavy crowds year-round. Open 9 AM - 5 PM each day, year-round.

To avoid the crowds:
- Arrive early. A couple of minutes before the gates open at 9:00 AM.
- You could arrive late around 4 PM and stay till 5 PM. Then you have the last couple of minutes almost for yourself to take great photos.
- Avoid weekends, go mid-week.

JP Japan

Expect big crowds year-round, especially on weekends. Quieter months may be December, January, February and June.

To avoid the crowds and a possible 1-2 hour waiting time in the queues:
- Arrive early. At least a couple of minutes before the gates open at 9:00 AM.
- Avoid weekends, go mid-week

There is even congestion forecast on the official website: http://www.himejicastle.jp/en/ and a forecast calendar http://www.himejicastle.jp/en/pd...

JP Japan

To avoid a flock of people early morning and late afternoon is the best time. Great to experience the sunrise together with the ruins.

Dry season from December to April to escape the European winter. It's also the busiest season with a visitor peak in December and January. Best month is April, with already fewer crowds in Yucatan and great weather at the same time.

MX Mexico

I prefer the dry season from December to April to escape the European winter and to have fewer mosquitos, less humidity and heat. Best month April, already fewer crowds in Yucatan.

Less crowded early morning before busses arrive.
Opening hours are from 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. Gets crowded before midday.

MX Mexico

This place is best to visit in the low season as you are nearly alone then.
Even in the peak season (dry season Dec. to April) not overcrowded due to the remote location.
During the rainy season (May/June until October) only few tourist are heading to this place.
Best months are May and June. September and October higher chance for hurricanes; keep in mind if you stay at the coastal area.

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MX Mexico

Expect tourist crowds year-round with the busiest months being November to April. This is also the dry season with the most sunny and warm days. LOW SEASON with less crowds is in May / June and September / October. Rainy season with more heat, and humidity is from May to October. A great mix of good weather and lesser tourists is May. It’s already getting hotter, more humid and rainy but less than in September/October, when most rain and humidity occurs. Typically only 1-3 hours of rain each day. Although it’s low season, on 22nd or 23rd Sept the place is heavily crowded due to Fall Equinox.

Stay overnight and visit the next morning when the park opens at 8 AM. You’ll experience significantly less crowds before the tourist busses arrive around 10 AM and annoying vendors aren’t ready yet. It’s also the best time to avoid the heat. Alternative (secret tip): The park closes at 4 PM but reopens from 5 - 6 PM. Often you have the place almost for yourself within that 1 hour window.

MX Mexico