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Historic Site

When should you visit a historic site? Historic sites are locations where pieces of political, cultural, or social history have been preserved. Often due to their cultural value. Historic sites can be temples, whole cities, pyramids, castles, churches or any other kind of buildings.

To beat the crowds and to feel the mystic atmosphere it's best early in the morning or late afternoon.

Ireland's temperate climate is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. The summer is mild and damp, the winter is cold and wet. Extreme temperatures don't occur and snowfall is rare. The highest temperatures in summer are between 17°C and 20°C / 64°F and 68°F. June and July are the driest months. Anyhow, precipitation in Island is usual. Best months for traveling are from April until October.

It's a popular place and during weekends often busy. Friday afternoon and evening only a few visitors. Summer is the peak season. It’s less busy in spring and autumn.

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