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When should you hike a trail? Some hikes lead to fascinating forests, some have tremendous views and others are rich in variety. Share your favorite trails with other hikers and nature lovers.

Usually from March to November. However, one highlight are the two Kneipp basins for water-treading. To enjoy these higher temperatures are recommended: May until September.

DE Germany

This gorgeous scenic trail can be hiked year-round. However, read on for our suggestions regarding the best months:

Mid-April - May: Good chance of dry weather. The temperatures go up to 10 - 15 °C. However, Scotland’s weather is unpredictable. For hikers May is often one of the best months: Warm enough, longer daylight, lush and green landscape, wildflowers bloom, less tourists.

June - August: Long, sunny days, warmest time. However, it’s peak season: Most tourists and highest accommodation prices. Annoying midges are at their worst.

September - October: Less busy and midges start to disappear as well. Temperatures in September are between 10 and 16°C in and between 6 and 12°C in October. Idyllic landscape with beautiful foliage. In October deer are rutting. Great time for hiking and wildlife spotting here.

November - March: It can get very cold and days are short. Guesthouses are often closed.

GB United Kingdom

Recommended from April to October/November. Depending on the weather conditions. After heavy rainfall, the gorge Oppig Grät is too muddy and slippery and it might be difficult to cross the stream several times.
A great month is May, still, some sunlight in the gorge and seldom flowers are in bloom.

DE Germany

Most beautiful months are May in spring and October with autumn foliage.
Weekends are more crowded especially at the Saar-loop which is easily accessible by car and motorbike.

A ferry is necessary for this trail. Timetable: 10 a.m. until 5.45 p.m. from April-October and in March and November weekends only. Monday is a closing day, and if Monday is a bank holiday, it is closed on Tuesday.

DE Germany

This is a popular trail, which is beautiful any time of year, although busiest in the summer. The aspens turn in late September/early October.

Time of Day Tip: During peak summer months, the parking lot of this popular trail is already full between 8:30 and 9 AM. If possible, be there early around 7 AM.

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Hike 24/7 year-round. It's never crowded. May-Sept. is best for wildflowers and birds. Wild sunflowers bloom mid-Aug.-Sept. The grass is tallest Sept.-Nov., depending on rainfall. Winter is beautiful when it snows; bleak otherwise.
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