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When should you hike a trail? Some hikes lead to fascinating forests, some have tremendous views and others are rich in variety. Share your favorite trails with other hikers and nature lovers.

Visit the park early in the morning the clouds roll in before the afternoon. Best months: November to March/April.

CR Costa Rica

The Paklenica National park offers you access to nature and adventure year around. Best months for hiking with bearable temperature are April, May, and September, October, although rain can occur. It becomes crowded in the summer months, especially at the climbing spots. Most of the climbing walls are located towards east or west which gives you the opportunity to either climb in the sun or shadow depending on the starting time. Choosing the right time is essential during the hot summer month.

Access to the Manita Peć cave is closed from November until April. Opening hours and days:
April – Saturdays from 10 - 14
May, June, and October – Mondays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays from 10 - 14
July, August, and September – every day from 10 – 14

HR Croatia

This 7 to 8 hours trail can be hiked throughout the year but it's best in autumn (March/April) and late spring (October/November). During summer it is hot inside the canyon and also for the climb out. Important; check the water level of Greaves & Govetts Creek first at the information center. Flooding can occur after heavy rainfalls.


Most rainfall in summer from November to March/February. Winter months are drier and sunnier. The precipitation at the Blue Mountains is similar to Sydney. Snow is not very common. In the summer, day temperatures can increase up to 35 degrees and even more but are mostly bearable. Nights are pretty cool. Nevertheless, each season is different and can be great for hiking in the Blue Mountains.

Yellow-tailed black cockatoos can be spotted during summer, the winter season is too cold for them.

AU Australia

The red rocks glimmer best in sunlight late morning. The park is only closed at poor weather or fire danger.

The Sapphiere Coast has an oceanic climate. Winters are mild, windy and drier with an average day temperature of 7 degrees. Summers are warm with a day temperature up to 30 degrees. Most rainfall between spring and summer. Water temperature more than 20 degrees from summer until autumn. Autumn still with pleasant temperatures.

Every season has it's one highlight:

  • Spring: Is the annual whale season which takes place from May/June to November.
  • Summer: Enjoy the beaches and swimming.
  • Autumn: Spot the special lyrebirds performing the characteristic dance and tail display.
  • Winter: The banksias are in bloom.
AU Australia

The dry season from April to October is the best time to travel to the north. Usually, it's very hot at midday. Avoid the rainy season from December to March. Tropical storms can occur and it is even hotter.

MG Madagascar

Start the white hike at midmorning counter clockwise for incredible views most of the time and best light. 

Ireland's temperate climate is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean. The summer is mild and damp, the winter is cold and wet. Extreme temperatures don't occur and snowfall is rare. The highest temperatures in summer are between 17°C and 20°C / 64°F and 68°F. June and July are the driest months. Anyhow, precipitation in Island is usual. Best months for traveling are from April until October.

Summer is the peak season. It’s less busy in spring and autumn.

IE Ireland