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When should you hike a trail? Some hikes lead to fascinating forests, some have tremendous views and others are rich in variety. Share your favorite trails with other hikers and nature lovers.

The Table Mountain often covered in clouds, the "tablecloth" is a great destination throughout the year.  During summer the clouds occur less often. The tablecloth looks terrific from the bottom, but hiking to the plateau is more difficult and colder.


Best weather conditions with very few precipitation from October until March. Most rainfall from from May until September.

ZA South Africa

Spring, Summer and Autumn

ES Spain

Spring, Summer and Autumn

ES Spain

August to December and March April

GF French Guiana

The North Rim is open from mid-May until mid-October and closed in the winter. There are less iconic views but it’s also much less crowded than the South Rim.

The North Rim is only visited by 10% of the Grand Canyon visitors. You might even go in summer as the temperatures are more pleasant due to its higher elevation. Summer days are usually delightfully clear and cool except for the occasional thunderstorms in July and August. May and September are still great months to hike this trail. It's not heavily crowded if you visit in the summer. But still, try to avoid weekends and start your hike early.

US United States

If you are looking for an adventures hike; the red track in Bungonia, Morton National Park may be the right one for you. The hike leads through the riverbed which should be dried-out. An early start is recommended. This trail is almost not marked. It takes some time to find the best way through the riverbed, to ford the creek, and to climb the huge rocks as well.

Climbing huge rocks in the Bungonia Creek

Good months for this strenuous trail are April/May (end of summer, the beginning of fall) and the winter as well. Usually, there is not the same boiling heat as you experience in summer. You should start early for two reasons. First, in summer, it'll be boiling hot in the Slot Canyon, and the steep way back up to the top without any shelter is quite hard. Second, this area is affected by blasting from the mine at about 3 p.m. This can cause falling rocks and boulders.


Bungonia is still a little gem and not overrun. If you are seeking for a quiet spot during the Christmas holidays this is a good choice.

Lyrebird in the bush in Bungonia
Lyrebird in the bush


More rainfall from November to February with its peak in November and February. During summer day temps are often around 25°C though in the Slot Canyon it's really hot. Nights are pretty cool; comfortable for camping. Winter months are drier and sunnier. The day temps are mild around 12°C but nights are cold almost 0°C.

AU Australia