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When should you hike a trail? Some hikes lead to fascinating forests, some have tremendous views and others are rich in variety. Share your favorite trails with other hikers and nature lovers.

Year round, there is no specific time. ​You just have to see what she (Suilven) looks like in the morning when you get up: Great and climbable? :) She always seems to have a cloud hat on, even in the summer.

GB United Kingdom

From mid April to September, but it is Scotland, so you never know

GB United Kingdom

earlier the better, before it gets hot; winter should be nice at any time.

US United States

weekdays are less crowded, any season is pleasant, but Autumn is best.

US United States

Start early in the dry season (from november till april) and beginning of the rainy season until end of June. Shoulder season May and June, showers may occur. July and August are the Cuban school holiday.

CU Cuba

Start the day hike to the Potholes before noon otherwise the stuff doesn't let you pass. After heavy rainfall, the Bourke's Luck Potholes can be flooded. Crowded in summer, early morning and late afternoon less busy. Best sunlight for the beautiful orange colour after midday.

Crowds and Weather

Southern winter, the dry season from May to September is the best time for traveling through the eastern part of South Africa, and it's also low season with fewer tourists, except for school holiday. Days are sunny with low humidity and nights are cold. Fewer mosquito and a very low risk for malaria. The busiest months with most tourists are in southern summer (October/November to March). This means queuing at the entrance. The rain starts end of October. The scenery gets lush and green, but during summer it’s also hot and humid and heavy rainfalls occur. Our favorite month is September: still dry and temperatures rise.

ZA South Africa