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When should you hike a trail? Some hikes lead to fascinating forests, some have tremendous views and others are rich in variety. Share your favorite trails with other hikers and nature lovers.

July to September

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Accessible up to Lilian Lake all year. Hiking to Upper Galatea July to September
CA Canada

Can be walked all year in good weather, it is recommended to visit it early in the morning since it is maybe the only time you will not meet a large number of tourists heading to the place

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April-September - all trails for hiking are closed during winter - but cross country ski trails are open of course

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The dry season especially July and August are the best time for hiking in Andingitra. However, rain can always occur in the eastern part of Madagascar. September and October are also dry but it gets hot at daytime. Although the area around Andringita is a developed tourist region it gets seldom crowded in the National Park. During longer hikes you have this beautiful area just to yourselves.

Andringitra - The Chameleon hiking trail


Due to its different zones from humid tropical areas to high elevations (Pic Boby is 2658m/8720 feet high), you can expect temperatures ranging from 25°C/77°F down to -8°C/17°F with an average of around 21°C/70°F. The weather in the higher elevations can change quickly; be prepared for precipitation. January/February are the wettest months with a precipitation on the east part of around 4000mm/year. July and August are relatively mild and dry. During the dry season is the chinook wind common for the area around Adringita. Although the daytime temps around the camp at Peak Boby could be pleasant 20°C/68°F in the sun you need to be prepared for freezing cold temps (-12°C/10°F) during the night due to the high elevation.

Average Monthly Temperature and Rainfall for MDG at location (-22.17,46.88) from 1991-2015

MG Madagascar

Sword Lake is a popular destination for hikers as well as backpackers because it's an easy trip and only a 2.5 miles hike from the County Line Trailhead.


The best time to visit if you plan to go swimming is summer (late June/July/August) and early fall (September). However, expect a crowded area in summer, even more on weekends. Weather details: Monthly Weather - Sonora (nearby)

Avoiding Tourist Crowds

A great time with pleasant weather and less people is September after Labor Day, when the tourist season has died down a little. But still, try to avoid weekends if possible. You can also continue 0.3 miles farther to Lost Lake if Sword Lake is too crowded.

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