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A Great Place

When should you visit very special and unique places in the world that touch you? Places with an atmosphere you can’t describe or where you even get overwhelmed with emotion.

All seasons, though I think autumn would be ideal to have the trees as a backdrop for the highly ornate structures on the property. The cooler temps reducing bugs would allow you to hike through the dense woods on their 108 acres.

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HIGHLIGHTS / TOURIST CROWDS: If you like religious events: Visit during Maha Shivaratri Hindu festival (February or March each year, check dates via google) or during Shravan, the holiest month, in July/August. However, it's very crowded during these times. If you'd like to avoid crowds visit from September to November: Great weather, quieter and also the best months for trekking in Nepal

The temple is open for visitors year round.

NP Nepal

Early morning

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Year round but april-may and october-december are the trekking months in Nepal

NP Nepal

More exciting from November to February: You can watch the planting, the plants themselves or the actual harvesting process.

Weather and Crowds:
Best during the dry season roughly from November to April but it's also the peak season. Shoulder season May and June is worth a try and less crowded. Showers may occur but easier to find a nice casa without booking in advance. Avoid the cyclon season from July to October and the school holiday from July to August.

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Usually mild and dry from May to October

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