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Nowadays Primary Forests and ancient trees are rare. There are still spectacular forests with a huge biodiversity or ancient trees to discover.

During dry season from november to april, start the hike early. Shoulder season May and June, showers may occur and it is easier to find a nice casa. July and August are the Cuban school holiday.

CU Cuba

It's mostly wet, less rain in March and April. Be prepared for afternoon showers. It can be foggy in the morning depending on the altitude.

CR Costa Rica

The best time is the dry season from January to May. In the morning you might hear the magic birdsong.

CR Costa Rica

Lake Waikaremoana is located on an elevation above 600 m. The reason that the best time for hiking is actually pretty short. Snow can happen until November, December to March are the most pleasant months; not too hot while the winter is pretty cold with snow, hail, and strong winds. It frequently rains throughout the year.


Heavy rainfall during winter until early spring. Even snow is possible until the end of November due to the high elevation. The best time is summer and early autumn from November/December to March, but it can turn cold at any time of the year. Be always prepared for 4 seasons in one day.

Hiking in the Te Urewera National Park


Due to the remote location, it is more popular with the "Kiwis". More crowded at Christmas school holiday which lasts to the end of January/beginning of February. Not many foreign visitors come here. The Te Urewera Great Walk is the at least popular trail although it's the biggest forest wilderness area which remained on the North Island of New Zealand.  School holidays

NZ New Zealand

If travelling the Great Ocean Road, don't miss this little jewel. Maits Rest is always worth to visit even in the rain. During summer expect more tourists around midday. Nowadays bus groups make a stop here as well. Most visitors take a break here when driving the Great Ocean Road due to the close proximity.The busiest time is the summer, but mostly bearable, best visited in the morning or late afternoon.

Top Tip: Visit the the rainforest in the evening. Bring a torch for the walk and watch the glow worms shining in the forest. That's like being in a fairytale. 

Update December 2019: The rainforest walk should be reopened. It was closed for months for boardwalk improvements and to raise and widen the trail because of increasing visitors. 


High rainfall throughout the year deep in the heart of the Great Otway National Park. Warmer and "drier" conditions from November to April, however, shower can always occur. Winter is the wettest and coldest season from June to August.

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Great Ocean Road Outlook

AU Australia

The Avenue de Baobab is stunning all day long and a widely popular attraction. However, sunset is the best and most popular time of the day. Truly magical due to Madagascar's location; sunset is easily predictable. In January sunset is around 6:30 pm and in June you can expect the light to disappear around 5:20 pm. If you want to see the Baobabs in bloom February and March are the right months. Along the dirt road RN8 connecting Morandava and Belon'i Tsiribihina you will find many Baobab trees (Adansonia grandidieri), but only a small part of just 250 m is known as the Baobab Alley due to its photogenic nature. The road leads from Morandava to the Andranomena Reserve or the Kirindy Forest. Photographers around the world visit Madagascar, and it became one of the most visited places in the country.

Avenue de Baobab


The dry season starts in April/May and lasts until October. Wet season means heavy rain. It's possible that roads aren't accessible, especially in January. Even when the dry season begins in April/May, the roads are usually still recovering. June is the best months before the crowds arrive in summer. The annual day temp is always around 30°C while nights in the winter time from May to September are below 20°C. Expect a high humidity of 70% and more. More weather details: Monthly Weather and Rainfall – Morondava Madagascar

Tourist Crowds

July/August is the peak season with most visitors. September and October are quieter and a great time to visit. Alternatively visit at the end of the rainy season late April, May or in June, before it starts to get too busy.

MG Madagascar