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In many countries this starts in spring; even the desert gets transformed into a sea of flowers. The flower season can also depend on the geographic location.

At the beginning of October, in spring the Jacaranda Trees are in full bloom.

ZA South Africa
April through October, Tours daily from 10 am - 5 pm, unplanned closings may be possible - Please call first- 815/672/8327
US United States

The Postberg Section is only open to the public during springtime in August and September. The section is closed for the rest of the year.

Be there early to avoid queues. It's a popular part of West Coast National Park. Especially on weekends, it gets crowded. The flower season is depending on the amount of rain.

ZA South Africa

Spring and Summer

ES Spain

The pride of table mountain" blooms from January to March. Regarding the weather these months are also a good  time to travel around Cape Town. However, it's pretty busy in South Africa during summer.


Best weather conditions with very few precipitation from October until March. Most rainfall from from May until September.

ZA South Africa

August und Anfang September - August and beginning of September. Anyway it is a great year round destination.

NL Netherlands