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In many countries this starts in spring; even the desert gets transformed into a sea of flowers. The flower season can also depend on the geographic location.

At the beginning of October, in spring the Jacaranda Trees are in full bloom.

ZA South Africa

August und Anfang September - August and beginning of September. Anyway it is a great year round destination.

NL Netherlands

The wild daffodils are in bloom between the end of March and beginning of May depending on weather conditions the weeks before. Mostly it is best mid- to end of April. In 2017 the wild daffodils were already in full bloom April 9th. It was warm and sunny before.

The different daffodils trails around Monschau/Kalterherberge are very popular. At weekends, many people walk this trails from midday on. If you start early you can beat most of the crowds. It's worth to combine the hike we did with a detour of around 1 1/2 km to get to the Bieley Rocks directly across the border on the Belgium side. This part has not marked the reason for very view people. It’s military restricted zone and sometimes closed due to sharpshooting. Days are listed on a huge sign. 

DE Germany

This National Park is a year-round destination. Every season is special.

Most beautiful in August and beginning of September with blooming heather.

NL Netherlands

The Postberg Section is only open to the public during springtime in August and September. The section is closed for the rest of the year.

Be there early to avoid queues. It's a popular part of West Coast National Park. Especially on weekends, it gets crowded. The flower season is depending on the amount of rain.

ZA South Africa