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Via Ferrata

The via ferrata has its origins in the nineteenth century. However, it is strongly associated with the First World War, when many of them were built in the Dolomite mountain region to aid the movement of the troops.

Usually, the Fürenwand via ferrata is open from the end of May until mid-October depending on ice conditions and temperature. In 2016 it was opened late at mid-June. 

Usually, the best months for Fürenwand are August to October. You have to pass a water wall after two-thirds of the via ferrata. At this time of the year, you may not get wet except in 2016 and after heavy rainfall the day before. It is advisable to start early, before midday. Even with less than 20 degrees, it gets hot while climbing. After 12 p.m. the Fürenwand (wall) is completely in sun.

CH Switzerland

The summer is the best time to visit the ferrata. I would say it is possible to climb it from April till October but it depends on the weather. I recommend to climb it in dry conditions, it is much easier.

CZ Czech Republic

The via ferrata is open from mid-June to mid-October depending on snow and ice conditions. Check weather forecast first. Dry conditions are much better for climbing.

CH Switzerland

Important are good weather conditions without any rain. Best months are March to October. If it was rainy the day before it is better to start at midday. At that time of day the sun will dry the sandstone.

DE Germany

Important for this via ferrata are good weather conditions without snow, ice and rain.
Best months are March until October. Check the weather forecast first! We had to abandon the climbing although we checked it. I recommend to do this only without any chance of rain. I had to climb backwards with heavy rainfall. More crowded in summer, spring and fall less people.

The Kirnitzschtal is very popular and more crowded on weekends and during bank holidays. To get a parking place it is better to arrive early. You always need to pay a parking fee of three or four € (ticket machine).

DE Germany

The via ferrata is open end of March until November; depending on snow and ice. Only advisable at good weather conditions. It's a fun via ferrata which takes roughly 2 hours depending on your fitness level. There is limited parking.

CH Switzerland