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Breathtaking, intricate, mysterious and massive. Most caves could be part of a fairy tale world or a mystery movie.The different types are limestone caves, lava caves, sea cave and ice caves. When is the best time to visit a cave?

Summer months and dry weather are the best conditions to get about 150 meters deep inside the cave. Of course, you can get deeper into the cave, but it's highly recommended to do with a guide. Check the weather forecast first, if severe weather is predicted don't enter the cave. At the end of July 2019 two men; a guide and his client got trapped in the cave. The water level became too high for leaving. A rescue team of 90 people got them out alive. So please, the Falkenstein Cave is not accessible during winter, when heavy rainfall is predicted and, after rains. None of these caves shouldn't be entered from October to mid-April. Usually, caves are home for protected bats in the colder season.

DE Germany

The dry season from April to October is the best time for a travel to the north. Better access at dry months. Usually, it's very hot at midday. Avoid the rainy season from December to March. Tropical storms can occur and it is even hotter.

MG Madagascar

Tours are being offered from April to October. The best chance for pleasant weather is during spring (April-June) and again in September. To come ashore, visit the Isle of Staffa and having a look into the cave by feet is possible during a calm sea. Check the weather forecast before you book a tour. Rain is common in Scotland and occurs more frequently in July and August.

The cave's face is southeast, therefore, best seen in the morning.

GB United Kingdom

Praia da Adraga is worth a stop for lunch and the caves as well when traveling to Sintra and Cabo da Roca. The caves are accessible at low tide only. It's not a huge beach but gets longer during low tide. In the caves and at the rocks you can spot the typical clams called "percebes". There is a small car park close to the excellent restaurant and a second for a small fee is open during summer. Parking can be an issue during the summer and Christmas holidays.

Arch Rock at Praia da Adraga

Tide times Adraga Beach

If you like to eat at the restaurant booking is recommended. Restaurante D'Adraga is pretty popular and offers exceptionally fresh fish. Many locals come here as well. In the summer you can also sit outside.

PT Portugal

The best months for this once in a lifetime adventure are during summer from December to April. In winter from June to August it can be extremely cold; the temperature of the water will be near freezing, and the water level is too high for caving. A wetsuit is already recommended in April. Hypothermia is an underestimated risk. The Broken River Cave is frequented during summer; be there either early or late in the day otherwise, you are queuing wet inside the cave instead of enjoying. 

Inside the Broken River Cave, Cave Stream New Zealand
The powerful Broken River - The Cave Stream

Not advisable with a high water level. The deepest section is situated at the beginning of the cave adventure. If the water level is higher than your waist level, don't continue. It gets pretty cold, strenuous, and the water pressure is immense. Also, do not enter if it is raining; it can cause flooding! If the water of the river is not clear you also should not enter the cave. The most demanding obstacles at high water level are the second waterfall (1.50m high) and the last one at the end to reach the metal handles.

We did this cave twice once in February with a low water level easy to manage and in April with a higher water level. It was very challenging, we had to help each other, and although wearing a wetsuit it was pretty cold.

Weather Castle Hill

Precipitation occurs throughout the year. The wettest month is October and the driest February. The annual rainfall is roughly 1000 mm in comparison Arthurs Pass experiences about 4.500 mm a year. January is the warmest month but on average still below 20°C. Anyhow during summer temps around 25°C can happen. Almost freezing temps during winter.

Accommodations Close to Cave Stream

There are just two lodges next to the Cave Stream adventure. The Porters Lodge is situated in the mountains and has more a hostel character with an excellent restaurant. The other option is the Springfield Motel and Lodge. They offer well-equipped studios and rooms with shared facilities. 

NZ New Zealand