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Breathtaking, intricate, mysterious and massive. Most caves could be part of a fairy tale world or a mystery movie.The different types are limestone caves, lava caves, sea cave and ice caves. When is the best time to visit a cave?

The cave is closed from October until the end of March to protect the bats. It is advisable to visit the cave with dry weather conditions. The cave is open from April to the end of September.

Google Maps Parking for the Cave Adventure

Google Maps Gustav Jakob Cave


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With over 1 million visitors each year, the amazing Postojna Caves are Slovenia’s most popular tourist attraction. Read our detailed tips about the best time to visit and how to avoid the crowds:

Avoiding Tourist Crowds

The tours are equally crowded throughout the year. The reason for this is the fact, that fewer tours being offered in offseason. Check the Postojna Caves Timetable. This usually results in the same long waiting lines at the ticket counter and equally large groups in the cave (up to 100 visitors per tour guide) regardless of the season. However, the months of late June until August are by far the most crowded ones. To enjoy a more pleasant and hassle free visit at any time, follow our tips:

Book Online:
It’s much better to buy your tickets online in advance: Online Tickets. Then you can skip the long waiting line at the ticket counter in the cave park. You still have to convert your ticket into a scannable barcode. However, there is a separate counter (Group/Online) for that with almost no people in the line. It saves you between 30 - 50 minutes of waiting in the standard ticket line. This also applies if you bought the ticket in advance at other places.

Book an Early Spot:
Book the first spot available at 9:00 AM (10:00 AM in the off-season). It’s much less busy at the entrance and in general. Later all the large tour buses arrive throughout the day. Additionally, the chances are at least slightly higher that you can join a smaller group in the cave with less than 100 visitors. (The English language groups are always the largest. Join another language group if you speak one of the other languages)

Arrive 30 Minutes Earlier:
If you bought tickets for the 9:00 AM slot, be at the Cave Park around 8:30. It takes up to 10 minutes to walk from the car park to the gates. You’ll also have time to use the restrooms and be the first in line for the electric train.You have to be there 10 minutes before your tour starts anyway

Another great option to getting away from the crowds are the Adventure Tours. These are always done in small groups (3-10 or 11-20). The price for the easiest tour is only 40 EUR, compared to 26 EUR for the regular visitor tour. Read more details about these tours in the description section below.


Regardless of the outside climate, the cave has a constant temperature of 8-10°C (46-50°F) throughout the year. However, you are probably planning more activities besides the cave. If you prefer pleasant temperatures visit between May and September (you might want to avoid the extreme tourist months of July and August for your Slovenia visit). Weather details (you can switch between °C and °F at the top): Postojna Weather Averages

SI Slovenia

The cave is open daily from late April to late October at 9.20 a.m. and closing at 3.30 p.m. in 2017 from 29.04. until 10. June and 11.9. until 29.10. In summer from 11.06 until 10.9. the cave is open until 4 p.m.

The cave is located on 1.455-meter above sea level. Therefore, you are dependent on the cable car operating hours from Obertraun on 609-meter above sea level to Schönbergalm section I. The season for the cable car starts end of April and last until late October. The last mountain ascent is at 3 p.m. and in summer at 3.30 p.m. The last valley descent is shortly after 5 p.m. At poor weather conditions, the cable car might not run. 
Check the opening hours first

A cave visit is a great option if the weather turns bad but expect more visitors having the same idea. It’s less crowded during nice weather when people think of outdoor activities.

Special events:
Every year in August unique concerts are held in the Parsifal Dome.
Schedule about the offered concerts and booking. 

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The secluded beach behind the remarkable cave tunnel is only accessible sharp at low tide. However, check the tides first. If you arrive after low tide; it becomes dangerous to walk through the tunnel. Important: During high tide with a high swell, even the platform from where you can look into the Remarkable Cave gets flooded. Tide times Port Arthur

Tasman National Park and also the Remarkable Cave close to Port Arthur are very popular. It’s a short trail, easily accessible, therefore, can be a bit crowded. Best visited early morning or evening at low tide. In summer, even tour buses arrive. Limited parking spaces. Due to the improvement in 2019, it may get busier.

The hidden beach behind the Remarkable Cave
The hidden beach after the Remarkable Cave

The 3-4 hours return hike of about 9 km to Mount Brown starts here and passes the Maingon Blowhole. The blowhole itself is a 45 minutes return hike which makes sense at high tide only.

Hike to Mount Brown from the Remarkable Cave Car Park.
Mount Brown in the back

Update December 19: The trail and cave should be reopened again. It was closed for construction work from 1. May to late November. The car park, the restroom, the cave entrance, and Mount Brown hiking trail got an improvement

Weather Port Arthur

Weather Port Arthug from 1991-2015
Average Monthly Temperature and Rainfall for Port Arthur - Tasmania from 1991-2015

Top Tip

We recommend staying here at least three nights to enjoy the many beautiful places and hikes.  If you are into hiking, don't miss the incredible Cape Raoul day hike which is 14 km long and the Tasman National Park. There is limited parking at the Cape Raoul trailhead. Start this track in the morning and bring a picknick. Enjoy the breathtaking views at the Cape.

Cape Raoul close to Remarkable Cave
The organ pipes at Cape Raoul

We'd chosen the affordable Port Arthur Holiday Park one of the Safari tents in an excellent location in the Stewarts Bay State Reserve. Each day we had parrots next to our tent. The wildlife and bird watching was an extra plus. It was just a 15 minutes drive to the cave. The reason that we visited the cave twice.

Port Arthur Holiday Park, Safari Tent close to Remarkable Cave


We’d like to inform you that forests that are increasingly at threat of logging in the northeast of Tassie, including the Blue Tier Giants, from April 2020 are taken out of reserve status. We will lose old grown forests in Tasmania. The Blue Derby Wild, The Friends of the Blue Tier, and the residents are fighting for their forests, but it looks like we all lose this hidden treasure trove. If you like to support the Blue Tier Giants share and comment on our article.

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Summer months and dry weather are the best conditions to get about 150 meters deep inside the cave. Of course, you can get deeper into the cave, but it's highly recommended to do with a guide. Check the weather forecast first, if severe weather is predicted don't enter the cave. At the end of July 2019 two men; a guide and his client got trapped in the cave. The water level became too high for leaving. A rescue team of 90 people got them out alive. So please, the Falkenstein Cave is not accessible during winter, when heavy rainfall is predicted and, after rains. None of these caves shouldn't be entered from October to mid-April. Usually, caves are home for protected bats in the colder season.

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The dry season from April to October is the best time for a travel to the north. Better access at dry months. Usually, it's very hot at midday. Avoid the rainy season from December to March. Tropical storms can occur and it is even hotter.

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