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First and foremost beaches are associated with swimming and sunbathing. Quite a few of them are scenic or outstanding at a special time. Share your favorite beach which you already experienced.

Midday until afternoon - perfect light on a sunny day. At sunrise Bowen Island gets illuminated.

Short walk from Murrays Beach car park to the "Hole in the Wall" at low tide only 1 km one way.

Weather and Crowds:
Expect more visitors in summer from December until February and during weekends. It's perfect for swimming and snorkeling. March is still a good month; it is warm, less crowded and swimming is refreshing. Water temperature more than 20 degrees from December to April. Most rainfall in winter.

Spotting Penguins:
September until December one hour before dusk wait at Murrays Beach and you may spot huge groups of penguins swimming back to Bowen Island for feeding.

AU Australia

Best visited at low tide and shortly before and after. The Marie Gabrielle anchor is accessible at low tide otherwise only the top of the anchor appears out of the water. The Fiji is not effected by the tides. Tide times

For a good shot best chances from late spring until early autumn (Oct./Nov. until March/April).

The Southern Ocean has a strong influence to the climate. It keeps the winter warmer and the summer cooler. In summer the sun is very strong but it is not too hot always a fresh breeze. Most stable weather in summer. March and April often with clear and sunny days. Most rainfall in winter. Anyway, weather can change quickly.

AU Australia

Best months are May until October; the dry season. For the walk; best time at low tide to walk around ahuge rock.

MG Madagascar

Best visited at low tide, otherwise, the beach is too small and difficult to leave.

July and August are the peak season, and the beach gets crowded. June and September are less busy, and prices decrease. There is a huge parking area which fills up soon during the peak season.


PT Portugal

The footpath is sleepery when wet and a bit steep. Therefore should be sunny or at least dry.

PT Portugal
Glimmering Rocks

Go in the morning to experience the orange glimmering rocks in the best lights. Avoid high tide: You will see the rocks in their full shape at low tide only. Check for low tide


The best weather is usually from December to March. You could also go in September/October or April. Avoid May to August, as these months are the coldest and wettest.


It’s usually not heavily crowded. However, on weekends, bank holiday and December/January (school holiday) it might get a lot busier.

AU Australia