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River crossing East Aligator
By Markus
29 Apr 2018
AU Australia

Our destination in Australia this time was the Northern Territory (NT) and here the northern part also known as “The Top End”, one of the very hot areas. But before we arrived there, we stopped over in Melbourne to visit a friend of us. Rik not only provided the great RegionBound clustering for our main map on this site but he was the one who helped us to discover the cute little blue penguins at ...

By Markus
10 Apr 2018
NZ New Zealand

During the last visit in New Zealand in 2012, we missed everything south of Christchurch. This time we want to catch up with the south part of the South Island. The weather during late summer and autumn could change quickly. Therefore, we did not book anything in advance to let the weather conditions decide our itinerary. As the forecast for Milford Sound, one of our bucket list destinations, was predicted unexpectedly good for the next two days our route was defined.


By Micha
16 Mar 2018
CL Chile

There is more to discover than just Patagonia. It’s our first time here in Chile, and we already felt in love with the beautiful country and landscape. To be prepared for the gravel and rough roads we had chosen a Toyota Hilux which turned out to be a good decision.

Our first destination was Chiloe Island south of Puerto Montt. Ferry transport is offered 24/7. We came here to spot the Humboldt and Magellan Penguins at different spots. Punihuil is the only place in the world where you...

Devils Throat - Iguazu Waterfall
By Micha
28 Feb 2018
AR Argentina

Puerto Iguazu exists just to provide visitors accommodations and tours for visiting the falls. It’s often overrun by 1.5 Million visitors each year. Soon this number may increase due to the new and larger airport with roughly 60 % more flights. The airport is located 20 km east of the town, so we had to arrange a pickup.

The next day we planned to take a bus to the falls which are located between the town and the airport. The price by bus is 75 Pesos / 3 € each way and person. When we...

By Micha
20 Feb 2018
EC Ecuador

Mindo is located north-west of Quito at an altitude of 1.300 m. It’s an 2 hours drive by bus departing from the Ofelia bus terminal. From Quito city, it’s roughly half an hour drive by taxi to the bus terminal. If you enter the bus, you can’t choose your seat. Have a look at your ticket first; your seat number is written there. The bus get’s quite busy and full due to several stops in Quito and the suburbs.

When we arrived, of course, there was a light rainfall due to the cloud forest...

By Micha
12 Feb 2018
EC Ecuador

Everybody’s dream is to travel to the beautiful group of islands once where Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution was born. Usually, it is said that it’s very expensive and not affordable. If you don’t mind to stay in a hostel, booking the last-minute tours only just one day before and eat where the locals have their meals you can travel here for a while. The most important thing; come here in the low season to make it affordable.

We went to different islands; first to San Cristóbal...

Alligator in the Fakahatchee Strand Preserve
By Micha
31 Jan 2018
US United States

Our journey started from Naples to our reserved campsite in the Collier Seminole State Park. This State Park is very popular with RV travelers. Usually, they book their site 11 months in advance. The only option we had was moving our tent each night to get the last available site. It was worth the effort, even the more than 40 mosquito bites I got around my ankles. Pitching the tent in darkness with hundreds of mosquitos around us was challenging and only possible due to our perfect gear...

By Micha
22 Jan 2018
US United States

We came here early morning for birding. The density of nesting birds of prey is immense. There is a 2.2 mile / 3,5 km trail at the north-eastern part of the island. This trail can easily be extended by using one of the many smaller paths to the right and left. The last part of the hike is closed from October to May due to a nesting pair of bald eagles; the national emblem of the US. We have never seen such a huge variety of these birds before in just a couple of hours. There are several...

Manatee in crystal clear spring
By Micha
20 Jan 2018
US United States

Citrus County is well-known for its natural springs. After our first manatee experience we were looking for another spring, less crowded and away from the busy Chrystal River. What we found was a tranquil hidden gem just close by. We just paid 5 $ for parking and rented a tandem kayak for the whole day. We put on our wetsuits and jumped into the kayak to get closer to the manatees.

What we experienced here was mind-blowing, much better than the guided tour. First, we observed the...

swimming manatee in Chrystal River
By Micha
19 Jan 2018
US United States

Our first destination is Chrystal River in Florida. Our idea was to warm up from the cold winter in Europe. Actually, we planned to camp for four nights at Rainbow Springs. We didn’t expect to get night temps below 0°C / 32°F. Our MSR Freelight tent is best suited for warmer temperatures. It is not an all seasons tent. Due to luggage weight limitation by airlines, most of our gear is lightweight. Now, we ended up in a cabin nearby.

We stopped by Bill Jackson Outdoor Store to get a...