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22 Mar 2020


If you'd like to know which U.S. National Park is still open during the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, take a look at the table in this article. It's not complete but the most important parks are being covered. It will be updated on a daily basis if possible. However, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information we provide here.

Updates | May/June 2020: In May and June many national parks reopen with a phased approach (limited access). Please check...

17 Mar 2020

Is it safe to travel during the coronavirus pandemic? Where can you go? Are national parks open? Which transport option is safe and which one is less safe? What are the facts? We’re trying to answer most of your questions. We are no health experts, but the facts and data for this article, are being pulled from official and reliable resources like the WHO, CDC, and other trustworthy sources with expert knowledge. That means you don’t have to search for all these specific tips and facts by...

11 Jan 2020
US United States

Are you a U.S. national park expert? This is our advanced quiz. How well do you know the national parks in North America? Before you take the quiz, check out some intriguing national park facts:

01 Dec 2019
AU Australia

Dear WHEN to be WHERE Visitor,

This blog is an addition to our main guides and articles and represents only a small part of our travel guides. We use it sometimes while we travel. This means you'll find new articles and hundreds of travel guides and tips on our main page WHEN to be WHERE. Make sure to check the latest updates for our unique guides:

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23 Dec 2018
HK Hong Kong S.A.R., China
Skyscrapers vs. Peaks

Hong Kong, the 7 Mio city with almost 60 Mio visitors per year, is not only known for its iconic skyline, and the largest number of skyscrapers in the world but as well for its protected nature around the city. We decided to have a look down to the enormous buildings from the surrounding peaks and observe more nature than traffic and busy people. Spending seven days right before Christmas to discover the surroundings of the megacity was our...

03 Jul 2018
US United States

The main title picture are the famous Haiku Stairs on Oahu Island. Follow the link to the Haiku Stairs for all insights about this once in a lifetime trail. 

We were so glad to see the sun again after we escaped the “VOG” on Big Island. Although the higher elevations on Oahu were covered in clouds, the sun was shining again, and we drove to our first stay on the north...

Big Islan Moauna Kea
02 Jul 2018
US United States

We had chosen Hawai’i, the Big Island to get close to the Kilauea volcano, hike in the Hawai’i Volcanoes National Park, maybe see the lava flow touching the ocean, and discover the ocean life around Kona. But mid-April the unforeseen happened, many fissures from the Kilauea crater opened, and a massive lava flow poured into the ocean causing large laze plum. Later the Kilauea crater lake collapsed followed by several eruptions up to the magnitude of 6.4 and frequent eruptions including ash...

24 Jun 2018
US United States

We had planned our whole Hawaiian adventure around one outstanding backcountry trail; we wanted to hike the “Kalalau Trail”. The required permits were already requested last autumn, and we carried the right equipment for the trail around the world during the previous five months. As we arrived in Kauai we finally checked the national park page for updates and found the shocking message:


02 Jun 2018
FJ Fiji

Our journey through Fiji’s Yasawa Islands started in a small village on Wayasewa Island. We liked to get an idea of the real life on an island and had chosen a homestay for this experience. But before we reached our destination, we traveled from Nadi, where we arrived from Vanuatu to Lautoka. Here we were told a boat would pick us up and we would travel 1.5 h to the island. We came a bit too early at the fisherman’s wharf and had some challenge to identify the boat. But Micha was able to...

By Markus
23 May 2018
VU Vanuatu

Our journey in Vanuatu started on the largest island Efate. The other 83 islands of Vanuatu from which only 67 are inhabited stretched over a 12000 km² area in the south pacific. Port Villa, the central town on the island, looked for us as an ideal starting point. From here we planned to explore the island and visit other islands for either a day trip or a more extended stay. As we came here with almost 23KG luggage each, we had to decide what we could take with us because Air Vanuatu had a...