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Sunrise above the Clouds

Sunrise above the Clouds

TW Taiwan

The weather in the mountains improved after several days of rain. Finally, we could try to travel to Hehuanshan mountain for a spectacular sunrise. However, it is a long drive on an almost 80 km winding, sometimes one-lane road through the Taroko National Park, and we still didn’t have any reservation. Therefore, we made a stop at the East Rift Valley Visitor Information Center. The two young employees were very helpful and made a reservation for us. When they finished, we even got a printed confirmation for a hostel room the day after.

In the beginning, the weather in the Taroko Gorge was quite nice, and we made several stops one for a closer look to Eternal Spring Shrine. When we continued to an elevation roughly around 1500 meters, we drove through fog and rain. The road is narrow, and some of the tunnels can be passed by one car only. It took us 3 hours to get to the top of more than 3000 meters above the sea level.

The staff at the hotel reception was very kind. They were concerned we could freeze in the hostel without heating just with an electric blanket. The hotel is comfier of course. Really spooky we were the only ones in the hostel. Luckily, dinner and breakfast are always included in the price. We enjoyed a buffet dinner and went early to bed.

We got up before 5 am. My goodness, much too early and we immediately started our hike without any coffee. Almost impossible, but the sky looks good for an awesome sunrise. Anyhow, the thin air at this altitude is quite strenuous for us. We could not walk at a fast pace and even had to stop several times. Finally, it was worth all the effort for such an unforgettable experience. Before we started another hike nearby, we spoilt ourselves at the breakfast buffet. My favorite "spice" in Taiwan is pork silk. Usually, I don't like pork, but I got addicted to it (last picture).