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Paradise for Green Sea Turtles

Paradise for Green Sea Turtles

TW Taiwan

Today we experienced one of our most impressive days in our life. We took the ferry to Liuqiu Island and rented a scooter for 300 TWD. It was mentioned in our travel guide that you may spot green sea turtles. At the first spot, we saw one turtle but overall not spectacular. I asked two local snorklers where we can find the best spot for green turtles. Amazingly they offered us to show the exact place. We followed them with our scooter, and they explained the currents and where to get in and out. I still don't have any words for this mind-blowing experience. We snorkeled with almost ten green sea turtles and watched them while feeding. The waves became quite strong at high tide. Therefore the turtles were close to the shore in shallow water. It was even possible to observe them from the shore. 

After our trip to the island, we went to the fish market for dinner. Now the next challenge without any Chinese language skills started. We loved to have some great seafood for dinner but struggled how to make this happen. Again an “angel” appeared and assisted us. She lived in Taiwan before she emigrated to the United States. She loves Germany had been there recently to visit her daughter, studying close to Munich for three years. Although she had already ordered her dishes with a friend, she explained us everything in the market. You can choose whatever you like, and the restaurant you have selected will prepare the meal for you as you prefer. We got told which seafood is in season and what is reasonably priced and what not. During the negotiation with the merchants, she even took care that we do not pay a too much. After we sat down, she offered us from her fish soup, and we got the most delicious food with clams, shrimps, crab and a huge clam and fried rice with shrimps. It was incredibly tasty. 

We were overwhelmed by people being so attentive, but now it was time for us to get a break from all these experiences. Anyhow, let's see what happens next. When we come back home, we will struggle with the attitude there. We already miss these friendly and kind people.