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Our third attempt for Figure 8 Pools

Our third attempt for Figure 8 Pools

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What a brilliant day. We could make it to the Figure Eight Pools in Royal National Park today. We had planned this several times, and today the conditions were perfect. Good weather, the sea not too rough, low tide not too late in the day. At the information center, a large sign stated: "no access to figure eight pools today". I could not believe that. Will we miss it again? Was all the planning senseless? We took a chance and ignored the message because we extensively researched all important aspects.

It was a spectacular hike through native eucalypt forest, along Burning Palms beach and for almost 45 minutes on rocks and coast which is only accessible at low tide. It was not as busy as I expected, luckily. Many accidents happened at the pools due to strong and high waves. It's depending on the level of low tide. Today was the tide 40 cm only which is quite low.

On the way back, we made a stop and ate our bread for dinner at the beach with an incredibly beautiful view. Later as we left the beach behind us and walked uphill, we spotted a swamp wallaby mum with her joey in the porch. They are rare to see in this park and quite shy.