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Open Air Showers at the Iguazu Falls

Devils Throat - Iguazu Waterfall

Open Air Showers at the Iguazu Falls

AR Argentina

Puerto Iguazu exists just to provide visitors accommodations and tours for visiting the falls. It’s often overrun by 1.5 Million visitors each year. Soon this number may increase due to the new and larger airport with roughly 60 % more flights. The airport is located 20 km east of the town, so we had to arrange a pickup.

The next day we planned to take a bus to the falls which are located between the town and the airport. The price by bus is 75 Pesos / 3 € each way and person. When we arrived at the bus stop, a taxi driver came and offered a ride for the same amount if four people join the taxi. This saved time and was, of course, more convenient.

Although it is said, you have to be there before the park opens at 8 am we arrived at 9.30. Luckily, there wasn’t any queue, but  Espe, a Spanish girl, told us it was busy early morning.

To get the best sunlight at the different parts and lookouts of the falls we went first to the Lower Falls, then the Upper Falls and the highlight in the afternoon “Devils Throat”. The Iguazu Falls are much bigger and longer than expected. We walked the entire day to get an idea of the dimension. You can see the falls in total only from the air. This is offered from the Brazilian side only. If you want to get close to the falls, you get utterly wet, especially at Devils Throat. It was 30°C, and we enjoyed the refreshing showers.

The park is full of coatis. Unfortunately, they often get fed by visitors. Therefore, they are used to human food, and it was quite difficult to find a spot to enjoy our picnic. On one of the trails, we spotted a large group of black howler monkeys and plenty of colorful butterflies. Besides very few birds we could not spot much wildlife.

Overall the Iguazu Falls were spectacular, and a must-see. Anyhow, for us, it was too crowded. All trails are either paved or lead along the metal boardwalks. There isn’t any unpaved and wild trail through the jungle inside the National Park.

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