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Elephant Trunk - Goodbye Taiwan

Qingshui Cliffs - Taroko National Park

Elephant Trunk - Goodbye Taiwan

TW Taiwan

Our last day on this unforgettable island. We know we come back soon. There is so much more to discover. What could we do today? First, we had several hours drive to get direction Taipei. We could either hike to the Teapot Mountain or perhaps I check the sea conditions and I could snorkeling again. Elephant Trunk should be an excellent destination for a short hike and a snorkel trip. It was hot today already 30 degrees in the morning, and the sky was perfectly blue. We made a quick stop at the Qinshui Cliffs for stunning pictures. The cliffs are part of the Taroko National Park.

The highway is still not finished. There was much traffic again many buses going to Taroko and south to Kenting that it took us more time than expected. Time is running against us. The decision was made. We only could manage to get to Elephant Trunk. It was a Friday and usually from midday on everything starts to fill up.

The rock formations are similar to Yehliu Geopark but less busy, and the entrance is free. This area is accessible at low tide only. Finding a parking lot at midday was easy, but later on, it was quite crowded. Additionally, parking spaces got built nearby.

The weather was changing and the sea became too rough for snorkeling. Anyhow, we enjoyed our last day a lot. In the evening we went to one of the many street food markets. 

We fell in love with this island and especially with the Taiwanese people.