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Camping close to Guanwu

Spectacular views along the Nanqing Road

Camping close to Guanwu

TW Taiwan

We are completely remote in the mountains for camping. Several farmers rent camping sites with very clean facilities. The price for a campsite is around 1000 TWD, roughly 30 Euro. Here in Taiwan, it’s common to have a shower at each campground; otherwise Taiwanese people wouldn’t stay here. We are the only ones mid-week. The farmer and his family are like all other residents here super friendly. For breakfast, we got a bag full of Sharon fruits from their trees. Even here in the middle of nowhere, we have high-speed internet. That’s really crazy. 

The reason that we stay here is the Guanwu Recreational Area. The closest lodge was too expensive for our budget, and therefore we have an hour drive to get there. From December onwards they offer cabins directly in the park. The park is famous for five red cedar trees all 2000 years old. These trees are impressive tall. Many people come for the Guanwu waterfall, but the other two hikes we did were enough for us. The other attraction is the Jhenshan trail for spectacular sunrises and sunsets. Don’t wonder if you read Zhenshan trail or even another name for it. Due to the translation difficulties, half of the towns and cities are written differently on maps than in reality. We met some Taiwanese people while hiking, not many but as always very kind. We had several conversations. Most of the time they are curious where we are from. You get to the mountains here by car only. It's a long drive from Taipei on a narrow, winding road. The reason that Guanwu is mostly not crowded.